A Buddhist Podcast – Making a Great Vow

August 5th, 2006

Tonights show begins with a talk on a great vow and includes:

  1. Faith and courage
  2. Original desire of the Buddha
  3. Deeper the roots
  4. US troops at Gatwick
  5. Now thats what I call a great vow

Karen has some great shownotes and reads an experience from Henry Leong from Singapore, Shout outs to everyone and the challenges facing SGI France.

Music from tonights show comes from Natives of the New Dawn, their song is called Good Day and you can get it from the Podsafe Music Network. We also played, Building our own Future with kind permission from Howard Jones. Howard has a great album called Revolution of the Heart
Have a wonderful week!


  1. Hi Jason .. It’s the moaning techie again 🙂

    The link above doesn’t actually go tto the mp3 file but to http://abuddhistpodcast.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=117001 .. and interestingly and never come across this before, but the links on that site can’t be used in IE at all … dunno why .. just can’t, but of course, they do in Firefox … Have grabbed it now anyway but thought I’d point it out … looking forward to hearing it (though I’ll probably fast forward Howard’s song lol)



    Comment by Charlie — August 5, 2006 @ 8:27 am

  2. Thanks for writing Charlie, I did this about 1am after the hardest challenge so far, really sorry. I have forgotten what link to go to in Libsyn to make it come up on our page with podpress, bear with us, I have sent Dave an email last night and hopefully he can help steer us through this. Really sorry Charlie, 100% my responsibility. Thanks for bearing with us.

    Interesting the IE issue, I think most people in the business have ditched IE and haven’t seen it since FF came out. MS really need to roll out 7, they are so behind the technology curve. I think the issue might be that I don’t think the current versions of IE support xml or rss…but Dave will know.

    I cant believe people are using IE, it is so awful and limiting…aerghh! Thanks for looking out for us!

    Btw, new show coming out next week!

    Comment by Jason — August 5, 2006 @ 9:12 am

  3. I still use it Jason and I’m a web designer .. doesn’t make me popular with a lot of webbies out there but it’s what people are using whether we like it or not, and if thats what makes it accessible to people then it’s got to be done 🙂

    cheers for the fix anyway


    Comment by Charlie — August 5, 2006 @ 10:55 am

  4. By the way, have plugged the new one on my Blog http://chantingbuddha.blogspot.com/ .. have decided to actually write something hopefully more interesting on it now instead of my Neighbours and County Cricket reports 🙂

    Comment by Charlie — August 5, 2006 @ 11:04 am

  5. Hi

    I have left out some part of it, the above testimonial, which I had submitted to Gakkai online in 2006.

    Hope to share my story how I overcome incredible odds to encourage people who face great difficulties using power of gohonzon, from sleeping in the alley for 20 over years losing heavily in 97 and heavy indebted to turnaround to bring up 2 children, to be able to fulfill my wishes of traveling.

    I hope to share my story to be able to inspire lots of people who are suffering, before that I was down and out we were so poor, for months I got to eat rice and dark sauces only, through my great struggle and determination I am able to overcome incredible odds and financial stability. My families were on social welfare and facing karmic illnesses, my dad died when I was very young of illness.

    Since young I hope very much to see the world, I used to tell my mom I want to tour China, we were so poor it is impossible at that time, my mom always replied to me to use oil to rub my leg to go there. Later I am able to fulfill my wishes to traveling to many countries

    I am example of how I overcome great difficulties and enjoy great happiness now, in 1997 I made heavy lost in the stock market and heavily indebted hoping to buy a house to married, in 1998 I turned around through chanting many hours of daimoku per day and got married, now I enjoy happiness, financial stabilities and a happy family of 2 lovely sons, hope to be able to show great actual of the power of gohonzon,through my overcoming incredibly great odds.

    My elder son do well in his studies.

    When I was young every night after 11. 30 pm then, not disturbing my neighbors, I went to sleep outside, at the end of the corridor of our one room HDB flat and got to wake up at 4 am to help my mom run the food stall, after that cycled to my school, many times I felt asleep during in my class, I was too tired and exhausted.

    In 1986 my fortune changed when I met Eric Yeo who introduced me back to the law. Which I went all out for activities for kosen rufu. I kept reading testimonials, gakkai articles and trying to put into practice what I learned.

    Through my strong determination and great struggle I am able to overcome my great difficulties and achieve financial stability and fulfilling my wishes of traveling. Thanks

    Henry Leong

    Comment by Henry Leong — June 6, 2013 @ 8:19 am

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