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September 15th, 2007

About 6 months ago, a listener with good intentions published our feed on ITunes. This led a number of listeners to get confused as the feeds are different and contain different shows. Last week we tried to get this feed removed and instead of this incorrect feed being removed, the correct feed was deleted.

With it we lost over 30 5star recommendations on ITunes and how most of our listeners get the show. We are as you can imagine concerned that people may have thought we are not around, but we are, we are here! If you are having problems getting the show, we apologise. Determined to bounce back we are providing you with 2 shows this weekend.

If you are having problems getting the show, please resubscribe for free with our new feed,

We would be very grateful if you could post far and wide and to your friends who listen, that this has happened and that we are determined more than ever to ensure that “the voice does the Buddha’s work”.

Thank you for your support, we really do appreciate every email and every comment. Thank you.