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May 24th, 2009

Tonight we have a lecture on “Letter to Misawa”. This lectures is about many things, but one thing is for sure it does address the three obstacles and four devils. Perhaps because it does so it might explain why it has taken 5 months to write 3 times, why cables went missing right before we started the show and a myriad of others obstacles emerged! Some of tonights themes include:

  1. Practicing correctly involves transforming the negativity in the world around you
  2. Three obstacles and four devils
  3. What is the devil king of the 6th heaven anyway?
  4. Nikko takes it to the man
  5. Self reliant faith
  6. The Gohonzon certifies that Buddhahood exists
  7. Some experience of overcoming obstacles
  8. What do you want to break through?
  9. Why is the Soka Gakkai different?

Its a full show and along with the shout outs we play three tracks tonight from the Podsafe Music Network.

We play Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton on the PMN who sings Code Monkey. You can find Jonathan Coulton also on ITunes. And we play two tracks from Adrina Thorpe  who sings  Coming Home and Fly Fly Fly. Adrina is also on iTunes.

In response to the many requests for TShirts we are now able to offer them for almost half the previous price and twice the quality! Thanks Polly Earnest and Helen Steyner of who have created the shop for us!

Thank you for all your support, encouragement, comments and input! It is such great good fortune to be able to do this podcast.

May 7th, 2009

On tonights show, William Woollard reads Chapter 4 from his wonderful book, The Reluctant Buddhist. The chapter is called A Question of Faith and its a great listen.

Also on tonight we have an experience from Estelle Jackson, a member of the Students Division in SGI-UK. 

As usual we have shoutouts that criss cross the world and music from the Podsafe Music Network. We play Vittoria Conn’s track called Mirror and a podcasting anthem, Not On The Radio by Geoff Smith.

The show tonight is absolutely packed! We know we have been sometime in getting you a show and so tonights episode lasts for 78 minutes or so, so it will fit on a CD if you want to burn it for a friend!

We have some more shows ready for you and are looking forward to putting them out in the next few weeks! Thank you for your support and encouragement, we do appreciate it so much. Have a wonderful week!