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May 28th, 2011

Here we are again for another episode of A Buddhist Podcast! On tonights packed show we begin with the wonderful William Woollard reading chapter 7 from his book, Buddhism and the science of happiness. The book is available on Amazon and is in English, Italian and Spanish and probably many more languages in the future.
Dash and Donna from Sacramento join us in our kitchen for the shout outs and for an amazing experience from Stevie Knight.
Tonights music again comes from the great folks at We play two older tracks tonight, Title and Registration by Deathcab for Cutie and the very talented Matthew Ebel sings I Know Your There..
If you want a shout out on the show, let us know by clicking the link on the left hand side of our website “Shoutouts”, or you can send us a note if you have the iPhone, IPad or Android app for A Buddhist Podcast. If you have a great experience of practicing this Buddhism that you would be happy for us to read on the show, you can click the link to submit your experiences on the site!
Thank you so much for continuing to listen, have a wonderful week, stay safe and look after yourself and everyone around you.

May 7th, 2011

Tonights show is very full! We have the wonderful William Woollard reading chapters 5 and 6 from his amazing book, Buddhism and the Science of Happiness. We play three tracks tonight. Spoons and Winning Hand by Sheri Miller are from her brand new album, Winning Hand. Our thanks to the Podsafe Music Network for facilitating the playing of tonights music. To finish the show we play the wake up track, Love is True by The Palpitations.If you like Karen’s wonderful voice, listen in to her swiss german making a brief vocal appearance! Shoutouts to friends across the globe! Take great care and have a fabulous week. Thank you so much for listening.