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November 5th, 2011

We are back with a very full show for you tonight. We have the wonderful William Woollard reading from his new book, Buddhism and the science of happiness. Tonight he reads Chapters 12 and 13! Great news that his earlier book, The Reluctant Buddhist is now available in Spanish!

Also tonight we were very lucky to have the amazing Lucille Barclay who came to our home to give her experience and took part in the show as well!

We play four tracks tonight from the Podsafe Music Network. First up is Stavia with Lucky Day, then Wonder by the Fire Apes, Rocky Votolato with White Daisy Passing and finally Can’t Believe by Pippa Rogers.

As usual we have shout outs and we pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate 6 years of doing the show and 1.3 million downloads! Have a fabulous week everyone!