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April 15th, 2012

Welcome to another episode of A Buddhist Podcast! On tonights show we have William Woollard reading the last part of Buddhism and the science of happiness, Appendix B. This is the show that is for every beginner you have ever wanted to have something to say, “Here, listen to this, this is the basics of Buddhism!”
By popular demand we have some more questions that we do our best to answer as well as the traditional shoutouts!
In addition, we have music from the Podsafe Music Network. We play England by the great band, Great Big Sea and When We Are Old by Molly Magdalain.
This is the first show that we use the new octa capture interface from Roland, so let us know what you make of the sound, we want to improve!
Have a fabulous week and thank you so much for listening.

April 1st, 2012

Wow! This show was a challenge to bring you! In the first part of the show which we recorded last week we have William Woollard giving a lecture on Nichiren Daishonin’s writing called, On the Offering of a Mud Pie. Its a terrific lecture and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it!
A good friend of the show sent us an email and Karen and Jason talk about their reactions and thoughts to it. During the editing, Jason wished he had said more about gratitude in his answer, but then that will be coming up in a lecture soon! Let us know what you think of this section, if its popular we might do some more!
We have music from the podsafe music network tonight. Firstly, we play David Ushers track, The Music, from his successful album Strange Birds. We close with a wonderful track from Adrina Thorpes album, Halflight and Shadows called Everything Changes.
Thank you for taking the time to download the show and listen. Have a fantastic week and take great care of yourselves.