A Buddhist Podcast – Lotus Sutra Chapter 2 Part 8 – Why we recite the ten factors 3 times!

July 17th, 2006

Tonights show closes our series of talks on Chapter 2 of the Lotus Sutra, the part we recite in Gongyo. tonights lectures covers:

A summary of everything so far;
Why we recite the ten factors three times in Gongyo;
The middle way;
Buddhism in daily life;
Letting go of our lesser self.

The Music from tonights show comes from Vittoria Conn who performs her song, “Mirror” and the Church of England Selsted Primary School who sing Save our Schooltake a minute to go along to their website to see what they are doing to keep their school. Both songs can be bought from the Podsafe Music Network at music.podshow.com
Special thanks to Steve Sant for his great support and the wonderful artwork he has let us use for tonights show.
Vittoria is performing Mirror at Kosen Rufu Gongyo at the White Plains Activity Centre in New York on August 6th at 9am!

A quick PS from Dave – I think my sound quality was a bit off on the promo Jason kindly played on the show. Subscribe to my blog or just the podcast! Many thanks!

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  1. Dear Jason and Karen,

    Thank you so very much for the wonderful work that you guys have been doing by these podcasts and the amazing amount of daimoku and study you put it to make even lay people understand the greatness of the Daishonins Buddhism.

    I am from India and i have been practicing this amazing philosophy since the last 2.5 years. Everytime i need to return to my prime point in my practice when it becomes a bit stagnant, i come and download a podcast and everything changes from there on.

    I listen to your podcasts while i am walking in the garden and i almost get tears everytime. There are so many Ah Ha! moments that i cant even enumerate.

    Thank you once again for everything and wish u absolute happiness for eternity.


    Comment by Shalvi Agarvwal — September 24, 2012 @ 8:16 pm

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