A Call To Arms

July 25th, 2006

rally round, great men of the world
now is the time
time to plant the banner
in the good green earth
time to pump our hearts up
time to swim the river of life
time to taste the sweet cherries
time to love our chidren
time to love our brothers and sisters
time to deepen the promise we made
when the sun was new and the moon was small
rally round, giants and heroes
now is the time
time to finish fighting
time to share
time to transmit the jewel
time to open our hands
to purify the lands of our fathers
rally round, hope bearers of mankind
it is time
let us make time to laugh
time to cry
time to create
time to win
while we still have time
great men, warriors of peace
let us fill time
with our promises

© David Goodchild 2006

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  1. just a suggestion ….. for those who haven’t followed this site from the start (eg me ) … any chance of a page listing all the podcasts in one place with links so we can download without trawling through the site ? That would be handy



    Comment by Charlie — July 26, 2006 @ 9:45 am

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