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May 12th, 2007

Casey and Quinn are getting married congratulations

Welcome to tonights show! The lecture tonight is based on SGI President Daisaku Ikeda’s lectures in 2006 on the letter writing by Nichiren Daishonin, “On Attaining Buddhahood in this Lifetime”.
The highlights include
1. 20 Years with Gohonzon
2. Two approaches for overcoming suffering
3. Religion is a privilege and not an obligation
4. Grasping the mystic truth
5. Daimoku of faith and Daimoku of action
6. Revealing Buddhahood just as you are
7. Three meanings of Myo
8. Is your life a complete pain in the backside?
9. I am Nam-myoho-renge-kyo
10. I’ve been doing all these activities and not getting benefit!

Great experience from Larry Congdon of Buffalo!
Music for tonights show comes from the Podsafe Music Network. We play Kind of Grey by Delaware and Goodnight Kiss from Phil Ayoub.
We forgot to say but will remember next time… the wonderful Quinn Hunter and Casey McGonigle are going to get married and they are the artwork for this weeks show! Congratulations!
Roxanne Rae has some great articles on anger
And Celine Dufay is appearing in Leocadia at Kings College London, Dates are Wed 30th Thurs 31st and Friday 1st June 7pm performances. Booking is available by the french dept- see more info from facebook. Email: [email protected]
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