A Buddhist Podcast – The Buddha, Geoff and Me – Chapter 1

July 23rd, 2007

Well . . . we promised it would come and here is the first chapter of The Buddha, Geoff and Me, a novel by Eddy Canfor-Dumas. Read by Kevin Eldon. Music by Howard Jones. Artwork by Jessica Miller. Sincere thanks to Coralyn Sheldon, Jasper Bentinck, Peter Osborn and Dialogics. The producer was Jason Jarrett. A new chapter will appear every two weeks. If you like the book it is available on Amazon and all over! The book’s website is The Buddha, Geoff and Me.

We will be back very soon with a podcast about Buddhism and Relationships!


  1. This reading is so beautifully produced it is a pleasure to listen to – looking forward to the next chapter.

    Although I really enjoyed reading this book (& recommend it), it is sometimes pleasant to be read to, especially when doing routine tasks that don’t take much mental effort – this podcast is great for that.

    Gosh, well done all the people who put such a thoughtful effort into doing this.

    Comment by Caroline — July 23, 2007 @ 3:52 pm

  2. Well done, very good indeed. Keep on keepin’ on as they say…

    Comment by Dean — July 24, 2007 @ 10:58 am

  3. Hi there.

    What a great podcast! I just listened to this particular episode today… terrific!

    I’ll shortly be reviewing your podcast at my own blog.

    Kind regards

    Alex – Podcast Junky UK

    Comment by Alex - Podcast Junky UK — July 25, 2007 @ 8:53 pm

  4. Thank you all at A Buddhist Podcast. I have been a radio listener for 56 years now starting off with a crystal set! How far we have come to today! I am a presenter on a local hospital radio station and when I have a chance I will do a little promo for you. Jason and Karen you are indeed Buddha Radio! I so much look forward to seeing your resourse growing. Sending Daimoku to you all.

    with respect


    Comment by Peter de Groot — July 26, 2007 @ 12:10 pm

  5. Yippee we re going to add this to our NHS hospital library at University College Hospital and in the Kings College London Library as well as the book is there already! fantastic stuff!! NMRK to you all! so exciting! also we are linking on facebook for this as well!

    Comment by Emma — July 27, 2007 @ 12:25 am

  6. Beautiful production! Clear sound, music that harmonizes perfectly with the story’s fun and poignant mood, reading voice just right–all the right players came together over this enticing book. I can’t wait to hear the next chapter. This “audiobook” idea and your choice of books is the most obvious step after having someone read from SGI resources.

    You have a hit!


    Comment by Donna in California — July 27, 2007 @ 12:26 am

  7. Awesome podcast! Wonderfully produced and the narrating’s excellent. I think it’s the best episode so far. Now I might just have to buy the book; I can’t wait 2 weeks for another chapter.

    Comment by James E., San Diego — August 4, 2007 @ 7:24 am

  8. Thank you for podcast! On behalf of those who has difficulty reading!

    Comment by Len — August 18, 2007 @ 3:09 pm

  9. Excellent production and lovely voice – it even kept my 12 year old daughter and her friend away from their computers! More please, as soon as possible!

    Comment by Irving — August 19, 2007 @ 8:22 pm

  10. An SGI member I met on Myspace told me about this site and story. I have only listenned to chapter 4 tonight and absolutely loved it.
    Tomorrow I will listen to 1 to 3 and then 4 again.

    Thank you so much and congratulations! This is definitely the way we should be spreading Nam myoho renge kyo in the 21st century – as Nichiren instructed ‘according to the place and time’.

    Some argue that it should be kept in the temples and not commercialised. Well everything in the west today gets there through commercial promotion. People like to be entertained and not just preached at, and from what i have heard so far, this story is extremely entertaining and educational at the same time.

    I only hope our book ‘The Great Mystic Law Of The Universe’ will be as exciting to others as this one has been to us.

    We wish you great success in every way…

    Comment by Tom & Co — September 4, 2007 @ 2:49 pm

  11. Bit late I know, but that podcast was really inspiring.

    Thank you for your effort and the beautiful music.

    Comment by Matt — March 10, 2008 @ 2:50 pm

  12. Love It! Thank You So Much for the inspiration we are practicing for our March 16th Performance and are really working hard to encourage everybody to Change It Up! Thanks for your hard work!

    Comment by Donny Girl Sarah in LA — March 12, 2008 @ 9:59 pm

  13. […] been for clicking into a reading of The Buddha, Geoff and Me. They read the entire book Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 which left me loving audio books, filling […]

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  14. I absolutely love this book… made me laugh and think deep thoughts lol I am sure I will listen to it over and over and pass it forward to all I meet. Thank You soon much for this wonderful podcast.

    Barbara Wright Grier formerly Apache Junction Az present Lakeland, Fl

    Comment by Barbara Wright — August 1, 2012 @ 6:35 pm

  15. Really enjoyed listening to this today! Fantastic effort. Many thanks

    Comment by Saul — May 20, 2016 @ 3:00 am

  16. Has the rest of the book been done yet … or ever likely to be. Having it as a podcast is such a great opportunity to share with friends. Thanks.

    Comment by Niki — March 28, 2017 @ 11:17 pm

  17. Thanks. I look forward to part two!!!

    Comment by DAVID BARRY — July 22, 2018 @ 4:11 am

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