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February 24th, 2008

Dear friends, I’ve been chanting about my next lecture and really struggling over not overcoming the obstacles to get down and finish writing it. Started to feel a bit overwhelmed by the challenge and wondering if I could even do it. I chanted this morning about it and just thought, I will do my best and then the day goes by and still not a word in ink (yes, I handwrite everything!). Then tonight, the shoten zenjin appeared. At the end of a very exhausting day the phone went. It was someone from our Youth Division. Would it be possible for me to give a lecture at their Youth Day on March 16th at Surrey University? I cried openly on the phone, I was so overwhelmed with gratitude. Its just a small experience, but a big one for me. Having Youth Division members ask me to lecture is both a great honour and at the same time a great helping hand of confidence and encouragement to write.
Thank you for your tireless support.