A Buddhist Podcast – The Reluctant Buddhist – Chapter 14

June 13th, 2010
Welcome back to another episode of A Buddhist Podcast. Tonight we very fortunate to have William Woollard reading about the Buddhist view of eternal life in Chapter 14 of his popular book, The Reluctant Buddhist.
We have great experiences from Janet Moorhouse in France, Lance Fallin in Arizona and Eleanor Khartchenko in Italy. As usual we have some great music for you. The first two tracks we play are from the Podsafe Music Network at musically.com. We play Geoff Smith (the creator of our theme music) who performs is famous track, Not on the radio. The second track is by the talented young Australian, Lee Coulter, who performs She fell in love with the mirror. Finally we have a wonderful song written by Howard Jones and Dunkan Sheik and performed by Howard Jones on his Album, Ordinary Heroes, its called Someone You Need. Our sincere thanks to Howard Jones for the permission to play this track on the show.
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Thank you to everyone for taking the time to listen to the show. Have a truly amazing week.


  1. Hi Jason and Karen. I found your podcast a few weeks ago and I’ve been slowly working my way backward through them. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your show. I was born into this practice and so I often take it for granted. Your show gives me a connection that is so easy that I don’t have an excuse for not listening. It’s helped me start chanting semi-regular again. Thank you so much.

    Comment by Naomi — June 26, 2010 @ 3:46 am

  2. Hi Jason & Karen & Family,

    Jason, this is actually a question regarding one of your earliest podcasts in which you said “Daimoku Plan, Daimoku Check, Daimoku Action”

    I think I know what Daimoku Plan and Daimoku Action are/mean … but … what exactly did you mean by Daimoku Check? I found this site somewhat useful by the way:



    Comment by Lance — July 1, 2010 @ 3:08 am

  3. Hello, I found your guy’s website from a friend at work. Thank you so much.

    Comment by Chris — July 2, 2010 @ 6:48 pm

  4. Thanks Lance for the link provided. I followed it and found the resources there great. Thanks again. (To Jason and Karen: I guess i’ve missed your voices and encouragement; though it’s been just a month. Hope to hear from you soon!)

    Comment by Ametefe Frank — July 13, 2010 @ 10:31 am

  5. Thankyou for the Reluctant Buddhist. William’s explanations are very illuminating.I am an SGI member currently living in Quebec ,Canada.

    Comment by ranjit ray — December 7, 2010 @ 1:26 am

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