A Buddhist Podcast – The Buddha, Geoff and Me – Chapter 6

September 29th, 2007

And here is . . . Chapter 6!

Chapter 6 of The Buddha, Geoff and Me, a novel by Eddy Canfor-Dumas. Read by Kevin Eldon. Music by Howard Jones. Artwork by Jessica Miller. Sincere thanks to Coralyn Sheldon, Jasper Bentinck, Peter Osborn and Dialogics. The producer was Jason Jarrett. A new chapter will appear every two weeks. If you like the book it is available on Amazon and all over! The book’s website is The Buddha, Geoff and Me.

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  1. Hello Jason & Karen, hope you are both doing well! Jason, you mentioned in an older podcast about having a book or journal that you began writing bits of found inspiration in at the beginning of your practice. Well I thought it was a brilliant idea, something “right up my alley” as some of us middle-aged Americans might say. So I’ve started one of my own and the first entry comes (not surpisingly) from you! In the 09/16/06 podcast you talked about the Nine Conciousnesses and how “When we are in a high life condition our perception of events is far more accurate than when we are being choreographed by our lesser self.” Well, as someone who probably spent the better half of her life being choreographed by that lesser self, it rang so true. Just pure, simple truth. Hey, thanks for the shout out the other day-it made me smile like a blooming fool in the middle of the grocer! Take care, and thanks so much for all you do.

    Comment by Suzanne — October 3, 2007 @ 6:05 pm

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